Calgary West Medical Centre Fee Schedule for Uninsured Services

Certificate of fitness for School, Camp etc- Full exam & form fee
Certificate of Fitness for School, Camp etc- Form fee Only
Drivers Licence Medical Form + Exam
Office Visit (Without valid Health Care Coverage)
Complete Physical (Without Valid Health Care Coverage)
Non Resident of Canada Patient Medical Assessment


Accident and Disability Forms
Attending Physician Statement (Physician Discretion)
Medical Legal Reports (Physician Discretion)
Pregnancy Leave
Unemployment Insurance
Disabled Parking Placard
Pre-Employment Medical Exam and Form (Depends on complexity)
Blue Cross Special Authorization Forms
Long Term Care/Seniors Residence Entry Forms (Depends on complexity)
Trustee/Guardianship Forms
AISH Application Forms
Return to & Absence Work Forms/Notes
Sick Note


Wart Treatment/Removal (For Uninsured warts)
Starting @ $50
Skin Tag Removal (with Liquid Nitrogen or Excised with scissors/scalpel/cautery)
Starting @ $80
Surgical Treatment  (Physician Discretion)

Miscellaneous Fees

Uninsured Injection (Gardasil or Tetnus for Travel) or Bring in vaccines
Photocopy Fee/ Print Chart/ Copy of results
$2 + 0.25/page
Chart Transfer
Starting @ $35
Renewal of Prescription by Telephone
Starting @ $20
Record Release
Starting @ $30
No Show/ Cancellation < 24 Hours
$30 Routine-$60 CPX

Uninsured Services

Calgary West Medical Centre 

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