Dr. Kavalinas

M          12pm - 4:30pm

T            1pm - 4:30pm

W          8:30am - 11:30am

R           8:30am - 4pm

Dr. Segedi

M-F tbd            
*Note: please call the clinic for available times 

Dr. Phillips

M        9am - 4pm
T         9am - 12pm
W        11am - 5pm
R         9am - 12pm
F         9am - 12pm

Dr. Downie

M           8:30am - 12pm

T            8:30am - 2pm
R            8:30am - 2pm​

Dr. Chin

M          8:30am - 2pm
T           10:30am - 3:30pm
R           10:30am - 3:30pm

Office Hours

Dr. Sy Lam

M      10am - 5pm

T        1pm - 5pm

W      1pm - 5pm

R       1pm - 5pm
F        10am - 3pm
*Note: please call the clinic for an appointment as his weekly schedule may vary
Some Saturdays available, by appointment only 

Calgary West Medical Centre 

Call Us:  +1.4032467788

Dr. Tam

T         9am -  4pm 

W        1:15pm -  7pm

F         9am - 3pm